FAQs about Eggs, last one, I promise!

Ok folks, thanks for hanging in with me while I discuss all the different features of farm fresh eggs. Last one for now, we’re just going to discuss washing vs. not washing. 

I posted a video to our Facebook page last week about how eggs in the EU aren’t refrigerated and this is because in North America, commercial eggs get washed with a chemical sanitizer before going on the market. 

We don’t, generally, wash our eggs. I do however like to have a nice product to sell, and that means I’m not super keen to sell you eggs with poo on them. Yep, chickens poo, and sometimes some of that poo gets on the egg. Not always, not even regularly, as chickens are pretty clean animals, but sometimes. So if there’s poo on the egg, I’ll give it a quick wash for you. First I try and get anything off with my dry hands, finger nail (you’re welcome) or a dry towel, like shavings, feathers, or dust from the dust bath, but if it’s stuck, I use a little warm water and a potato brush to clean it. That’s it. Never any cleaning products.

Fresh from the barn, the eggs sometimes have feathers, dust, or shavings on them.

Eggs are naturally protected by an invisible coating called the “Bloom”, which helps seal the tiny pores of the egg from bacteria. When you wash the egg, you remove the bloom, and the protection, and then your egg needs to be refrigerated. We refrigerate our eggs because a few of them have been washed by me, and also I just find that we’re all more comfortable with it that way, myself included. It’s not a bad idea to give your farm fresh eggs a quick rinse right before you crack them, but it’s not necessary.

This picture shows an egg I’ve had to scrub, and you can see where the bloom has been rubbed off.

Hopefully that answers any questions about egg washing you may have had!

Have I missed any questions you want answered? Let me know if I have!


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