FAQs about Eggs, again.

Ok guys, day two. Today’s burning egg questions are about what your egg shell looks like.

Lumps, Bumps, and What-the-heck-are those?es:

Remember when we talked about shape? Sometimes the eggs are a bit weird on the surface of the shell as well. 

See that very fine line? It kind of looks like a healed crack. That’s what it is, a healed crack. Sometimes while the egg is inside the hen, and getting developed, it gets sort of broken, like a crack in the layer currently being developed, and the hens body just fixes that, by adding more calcium. 

It’s the same thing with bumps:

This is an example of calcium deposits on the egg.

So, what does it mean for the health and safety of the egg? 


Those healed up lumps and bumps are signs that the hen who laid that egg has an active life. She runs, jumps, climbs ramps, swings on a swing, rolls in a dust bath, plays (and sometimes tussles) with the other hens, and basically has freedom of movement and enjoys her life. These egg shell surface anomalies have no effect on the egg inside and are perfectly safe to eat and enjoy.

Hope that clears a question or two up for you! 🙂
But wait, now I have a follow up question… dust bath?? What’s a dust bath? 

Oh yeah, so chickens don’t like traditional water baths, like the dog does, they dust bathe. So they like to roll around in the sand/dirt/wood ash, etc. Here’s a picture of the dust bath I made indoors for them so they could still enjoy a good roll even though it’s winter and they refuse to go out in the snow…

 Ain’t it luxurious? Lucky chickens and their chicken spa, 😉


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