The Rooster Chronicles, Pt. II

Getting our new rooster turned into a nightmare. It’s a long story, so I’m writing it in a series. Be warned, there is a fair amount of cursing in this story, as there was in the real-time events as they unfolded. Statements that are italicized are the ongoing conversation and support from my Chicken Network, and have not been edited for spelling, grammar, or content.

Here is Part II of…

The Rooster Chronicles



Friday, May 6: OMG, I hear him crowing!!! He survived the night!!!

 ~ I bet as soon as he hears the hens singing in the morning, he will scoot right over to them.

~ He will go where the lady’s are.. No need to chase or worry

~ If he dosnt come to the hens watch where he roosts tonight. Grab him in the dark. Good luck. He will probably come to the hens when he calms down. Throw some feed around let them cluck

The rooster did not appear near the hens at all during the next day. The next night I decided to try the idea suggested to put out a hen in a cage. I didn’t have a small dog crate (is that something people generally have lying around?) but I did find an old chicken/rabbit transporting crate in the barn (definitely not something most people have laying around, but apparently we did). I put out the “lady-bait” (the actual “lady” in question was none too impressed) in the cage about half way between where we’d last seen the rooster disappear into the bush, and the coop.


Time to update the good people who are helping me out on my thread on the Chicken Facebook Group…

Me: I heard him crowing!! He made it through the night! He sounds pretty far away though… I put a hen in a cage. Will he come if he’s far?? Should I sit still out here a little ways away and watch or leave and come back at dusk? (Dusk is in an hour, so she won’t be in there too long).

~ You got him!!?

Me: not yet, that’s a hen as a lure, lol. Think it’ll work?

~ ah fingers crossed for ya

~ lady bait!!! LOL

~ OMG… you weren’t kidding… you have a lot of brush back there. You must’ve got some war wounds searching for the poor fella last night! So glad you heard him and hope the lady bait works so you can get him safe and sound and settled into his new home!!

Me: A few scratches! Lol. I destroyed my pants and shirt I was wearing- ripped to shreds!


So we sat quietly on the porch with our binoculars, watching the hen in the cage and hoping to catch Rooster…

And then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And, fuck this is boring, waited.

And wai- OMG THERE HE IS!!

Far away, totally other side of the coop, EAST of the house, near the path that leads to the back forty of our property. Here he comes strutting out of the bush! Mom and I hugged each other in gleeful, shushing, excitement and waited with bated breath. This was going to work! All he had to do, was find the lady-bait, go to roost on top of her cage, and then I’d grab him when he was in his trance.

He never came.

Dusk fell. The trapped hen went to sleep, as did all the other hens in the coop. We put on our headlamps and searched, again, everywhere. Every tree, every bush, all around the area we’d seen him in, and where the hen was, and just plain EVERYWHERE, until it was full dark and too late….


Saturday, May 7: New plan! We spotted him last night, so we know his approximate area. I found a proper small dog crate at a yard sale, so I’m picking that up today, and tonight, the lady-bait hen goes in it, nearer to where we saw him yesterday. This will work!

 Today we picked up a small dog crate at a yard sale and set it up, with another hen inside, as bait. I picked a different hen, they can take turns being the lady-bait, since that seems like a pretty crummy way to spend an afternoon…



And again, the waiting game. This time, no sighting! He didn’t come to his lady. He didn’t “hear her singing and scoot right over” or whatever had been suggested about that. We had tried, but there was no sign of him. We searched again after dark, looking up in trees and low in bushes and for quite a long ways away from the hen bait, but we couldn’t find any trace of our fugitive bird. Would tonight be the night that some coyote had the best dinner of his life???

To be continued…

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