Chicken ‘n Gravy

Alright Mother Nature, it’s enough already. This lovely end of April morning we woke up to snow. That’s right, snow! No. Not ok. I’m not ok with this. I’m hiding in my office, wrapped in my Snuggie with a cup of tea and some Oatmeal Raisin cookies I pulled out of the freezer (they’re there for emergencies, which is exactly what this is). This is the kind of day where I must hide inside, bake bread and drink tea and fill the house with warm and comforting smells, since warm and comforting air is not an option. I did of course go outside and feed the chickens. They’re similarly unimpressed with this April snow.


Don’t they just look so cold and pissed off? They make me laugh every time. Such characters.


So for dinner tonight, since I hiss at the thought of leaving my Snuggie, I’m going to make a favourite comfort food of mine- Chicken ‘n Gravy. And yes, it is essential to the recipe that you refer to it as “Chicken ‘n Gravy” and not “Chicken and Gravy”. Come on now.


This is a favourite comfort food for two reasons. 1- It tastes good. 2- It’s easy. Nothing is more comforting that a dinner that took almost no work, amirite?

Step One: Prepare Gravy. There’s two ways to do this. One is to boil some chicken stock (or bouillon mixed with water), add cornstarch and let thicken. The other is to use some packets of Clubhouse (aka my way) or some other store-bought pre-prepared gravy mix.


Step Two: Remember those pre-made baggies of cooked chicken/turkey we did a few weeks back? That’s right, they’re perfect for this meal.


Grab one or two of those out of the freezer, thawed or not, doesn’t really matter, and dump it into you pot of hot gravy. Remember that each bag is 2 cups. As you can see above, I had about a bag and a half (because I’d just used half a bag for pizza toppings) so I did 3 cups of meat to 3 cups of gravy and it was perfect. Mix it up (if it’s frozen it’ll take just a little longer) until warmed through. Your chicken is all pre-cooked, so you don’t have worry about doneness or anything, just make sure it’s all nice and hot (it’s a tough sacrifice, I know, but you may be obliged to pick a piece of chicken out of the pot and taste it, someone has to take on these difficult tasks… ).


Voila! Chicken ‘n Gravy!


I serve it over mashed potatoes, which are easy to make while cooking the gravy, or even on bread or toast, like a Hot Turkey Sandwich. When I’m feeling extra fancy (or extra in need of comfort) I take 5 minutes and make a box of Stovetop Stuffing to go with it, because omg it’s my favourite of all time. And in case you’re worried about my childrens’ welfare with all this pre-packaged laziness, look! Frozen peas! See? They get veggies. 😉


Keep warm out there everyone!


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