Kiwis and a Mighty Trellis

Probably when you think of Kiwi fruit you think of the brown, furry ones. But we’re going to be growing a variety called Hardy Kiwi, which, to most people’s surprise, grows in our Ontario climate just fine.

They’re smaller than a fuzzy kiwi, a bit larger and rounder than grapes, and don’t have a fuzzy skin. You eat them like grapes, peel and all. The National Gardening Association says they’re sweeter than fuzzy kiwis and don’t require peeling. The Fruit Resource Centre at Cornell University reports them as being “higher in Vitamin C than most citrus fruits”. I can’t wait to taste these awesome “baby kiwis”!


Of course we’re not going to immediately have bowls full of baby kiwis unfortunately. But the plants are arriving soon! So this weekend Kyle got to work on a trellis for them to grow on.


First, he measured and drove in T-bars each 10′ apart. He left enough clearance from the fence to get the lawnmower through.

Then he used a heavy metal wire to string through the bars.


Anchored to the ground at each end.

Then he had the genius idea to add in turnbuckles, that way as the plants grow, and are heavier on the lines, we can tighten the lines up as needed.


It took some elbow grease and perseverance, but it wasn’t overall too hard to make (especially for me, since I was just watching- haha!)

Top line finished!

Two lines, so the plants have more room to grow. They will have to be trained as they grow up to spread out along the trellis lines.


Voila! All set for our Hardy Kiwi to arrive and get their grow on!



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