Bready Bears!

Inspired by having one more loaf of bread dough than I had loaf pans, and an ancient magazine article my mom dug up from somewhere, tonight’s dinner is featuring Teddy, the Bready Bear.


It was actually really easy to make. You can probably use any bread recipe, but I of course used my own recipe for baking bread, which you can find here.

Follow your recipe until you have the dough of one loaf of bread, and you’re at the stage where you would shape and/or insert into loaf pan (before the second rise).

Cut the dough ball in half. One half is set aside, that will be your body. The other half, cut in half again. One of those halves can be set aside to be the head, and the remaining half can be cut into six equal parts to make the arms, legs and ears.

Just like this!

Oh! I forgot about his nose! I took two of the small pieces, rolled them back together, and then split them into thirds. These three even smaller pieces I used for ears and nose.

Then you kinda just jam all the pieces together. Pinch around the seams to make sure it’s attached. I added some raisins as eyes and a belly button, and used a sharp knife to cut an indentation for a smile.


I used a well-greased pizza tray, but any tray would work.

Cover for your second rise.


After the rise it might be a bit misshapen. Mine wasn’t bad, mainly just bigger and chubbier (and more adorable), but you may need to poke him around a bit to reform the right shape. I redid the smile cut with my knife to ensure it would hold through the baking process.


Bake according to your recipe directions, but keep a close eye on this guy, since he’s not your typical loaf shape!


Ain’t he cute??? Grace was thrilled.


Aaaaand we ate the entire bear with our stew at dinner. The entire bear.


Bready Bear says, “Have a great day!”


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