Gavin’s Ghostbuster Birthday!

Can you believe Gavin turned SEVEN last week? SEVEN!! It’s intense. I feel old. Lol. Kidding, sort of.

This year Gavin decided he wanted a Ghostbusters themed party, since he’d just recently watched the old movie and loved it. I’m telling you, if you want an awesome throw-back-to-the-80s party theme that has absolutely no themed merchandise anywhere in the universe and is impossible to throw without creating most of the stuff yourself, Ghostbusters is the way to go!

So here’s just a quick couple ideas for how I made the theme work. #1, we held the party at a Laser Tag place in town. Laser Tag, shooting ghosts, it seemed like a decent fit. I only DIY’d a couple things to maintain the theme. First was invitations…


Sorry this is kind of a terrible photo of the invitation. I just google searched for the ghostbuster image, then a friend of mine with Photoshop made it all over faded for me. I made the invitation on MS Word and inserted the image behind the text. Easy peasey. I printed them on card stock and took the time to personalize them with the kids’ names and print each one separately, which I think adds a nice touch. Also, the invitation did include the whole symbol, I just cropped the bottom out for this post so that I didn’t have my RSVP personal info all over the internet. Wouldn’t want the creepos to call me! 😉

Here’s the full image if you need it:


I also found these awesome Ghostbuster Lego minifigures on eBay. I would link you to the exact ones I bought but I don’t know that the same seller will have the same product forevermore, so I won’t, but you can see what I got.


They were only $4 each set (of 4) with free shipping, so I got one full set of 4 for Gavin and then two sets of 4 to put one character in each of the 8 loot bags. My only warning with eBay is order EARLY. You can get awesome cheap stuff from China but the shipping takes For.Ev.Er.

And speaking of loot bags, I couldn’t find any themed bags, so I went with brown paper bags, because I thought it looked similar to the Ghostbuster uniform, and then I again printed my own labels.

Party (75)

The loot bags had some items that I felt were sort of on theme, like silly string, for blasting ghosts, and slime/silly putty stuff I found at the dollar store, and laser pointers. I’m pretty sure all the parents of the kids who took loot bags home probably hate me now. Oops!

I also made Slimer cupcakes for the party, which is entirely another story, and I’ll blog about that fiasco, along with the recipe, very soon, I promise.


All in all I think the birthday boy had a great party!



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