Stream Expansion

A quick post for today… It’s the time of year known around here as “Birthday Season” (all four of us have our birthdays within the span of six weeks) so I always have lots going on- presents to wrap, Pinterest DIY projects to complete, cupcakes to bake, you know the drill. But I wanted to tell you all about some of the un-birthday-related projects we have going on around the farm. Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get some outdoor work done!

If you’ve seen the toddler-esque Hundred Acre Woods style map I drew of our property, you may have noticed the area named Rekki Swamp. It’s pretty much the area just west of the house. See how the stream (represented by wavy sort of lines) comes on the property from the east, goes just under the neighbours, and flows under the first driveway, into the pond? From the pond, it flows under the western driveway and in about, maybe 10-15′ of “stream” and then it kinda just flooded out all over the place, creating Rekki Swamp (Rekki was our old dog, who used to LOVE playing in that swamp area and coming home covered in mud, burrs, and with a huge smile on his face).


So this year we had a big excavator come and expand that stream on the west side of the driveway, extending it all the way to the west edge of the property. So now this will help the water drain, and hopefully dry up some of the swamp area.

These are the pictures from just before the expansion.


So the excavator made the existing part a bit wider and deeper, and carried it to the edge of the property.

Here’s the After pictures:


I LOVE how the stream twists and turns a little and you can see it so far out.

Unfortunately any digging in spring time is going to mean one thing… MUD!


Sam the Puppy was pretty interested in the new mud-mess!


He chased after Kyle into the mud. He totally reminded me of that horse in The Neverending Story…


Artax!!! NOOOOO!!!

But he had the MOST fun ever. He tried to cross the stream, briefly sunk, then did his first puppy dog-paddle.


Obviously he needed a full bath after this!!

My favourite part of the new stream area, is the teeny little waterfall we have now! It actually babbles, so every time we go out there, we hear the babbling brook, and it’s so nice.


A small project but still pretty cool to have done and hopefully get better drainage. And beautiful!


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