Sam the Spazzy Puppy

I thought it was time I wrote an update on the new puppy, Sam. As a lot of you know, Sam was sick recently. Why was he sick? Well, he ate… a crayola marker. šŸ˜¦ A simple, small, non-toxic, child-friendly crayola marker. Sigh.

His guilt was written all over his face…

This little marker chew (he didn’t eat all of it, just a little of the plastic and probably a fair amount of ink) led to a very long day and night of vomiting and diarrhea and an early morning trip to the vet. But he’s fine. Totally fine. It’s been several days of recovery but I think today he finally feels totally like his old self today. Ask me how I know…

This morning he was an absolute total nut case! You know, like his usual self. It started this morning when I woke up and found him in his crate where I’d left him, but on the wrong side of it! He had wiggled under the chicken wire wall I made to divide his crate (because it was too big for him to have all the space at this young age) and was on the other side of the divider, just hanging out.

Our usual morning routine is that after we put the kids on the bus, Sam and I do outside chores and then I take him on a walk. So he runs full tilt up and down the 200′ driveway while the kids and I walk down and wait for the bus, then he runs all the way back down it again with me and we go out back.


We get wood for the fire, and we go take care of the chickens. Today I was planning to do a good mucking out of the whole coop as well. So he was running around, enjoying life and this spring weather we’re having. You can actually almost see a little grass! Gavin asked me awhile back if Sam likes winter, and I told him that since Sam was born in late November he’s never seen anything but winter. He probably just thinks this is what the world is like. Blew Gavin’s mind.

Anyway, Sam is getting his first taste of spring and he likes it!

“Omigoodness, grass! Tastes so good! Omigoodness, puddles! So much fun! Omigoodness, warm breeze! Smells so good! Omigoodness, burrs! Ouch! Not as good! Omiggoodness…” etc. etc.

Isn’t that a happy face?

So he’s orbiting like crazy (orbiting is when puppies run around in circles in that “a demon is chasing me”, totally out of control way they have). He tried to play with the chickens, which he’s never done before. He did the head down, paws spread, bum up, tail wagging thing that seems to be the universal dog language for “I want to play” and they did NOT. They freaked out and all went running/flying around the coop (this is while I’m kneeling by the poop boxes trying to clean them out) and then Sam decided to be afraid of their chaos and he freaked out and he body slammed into the metal can we use for feed storage and managed smashed every single egg in my basket that was sitting on top of it.

Then he calmed down a little but decided to go through the little chicken door that leads to their ramp and the outside and was terrorizing the chickens out there. He wasn’t really doing anything wrong TO the chickens, but he was a maniac and they didn’t care much for it at all.


We do have a “people-sized” door into the chicken run, but its all ice at the bottom so it’s frozen shut. I was calling him but he would NOT come and the chickens were all complaining and sounding pretty bent out of shape. So, I did what had to be done, and I crawled through that tiny chicken door. I can’t even really say “crawled” because it’s too small an opening for that. I had to wiggle through and down the ramp on my belly like a snake. Obviously I was unable to take a picture of this hot mess, but I imagine it looked something like this…


I got COVERED in chicken poo (naturally I was wearing my rubber boots and pajama pants). And Sam was SO muddy.

When we got in the house I took one look at his mud caked little body and decided his back door towel just wasn’t going to cut it today. I scooped him up in my arms and took him straight to the tub.


I towel dried him, made sure the bathroom door was shut tight and there was nothing in there he could easily destroy or ingest, and then I got in the shower to clean myself. I actually had poo on my face.

Normally when I have a shower, he just lays outside the shower door and waits for me.


But apparently today is “Be a Lunatic Wednesday” and I just missed the memo. When I ran out of conditioner and had to open the shower door to reach for a new bottle, he launched himself into the shower with me! SoĀ then he was even more soaked and had to stay in the shower with me until I was done and was able to dry him off again. He was still being crazy, soĀ I tried to use the hair dryer on him to speed up the drying process- and he freaked out! He ran off and he actually justĀ bulldozed into the baby gate and smashed it clean out.

This is not an insubstantial baby gate. It’s metal!

So there I am, half dressedĀ in just my bra and yoga shorts with a towel around my wet hair, chasing Sam around the house. Sam is SOAKED and chasing Emma (that’s our cat) around the living room/kitchen area and barking like a mad man. Emma’s face was priceless. She’s just curled up on the couch, minding her own business, when there’s a HUGE crash as he bulldozed the baby gate and then this super hyper soaking wet dog is suddenly in her face and chasing her around the house. I wish I had a picture of THAT moment. And I’m trying to catch him every time he passes by me. If you had been here to see us, I’m sure we would’ve looked like a madhouse of circus performers. He finally just skidded to a stop in front of the back door, looked at me, and flopped over. Asleep.

I was able to towel him down more while he slept and wrapped a blanket around him.Now that I’m dressed and ready to start work, I brought him into the office with me. He’s so cute.. when he’s asleep. Kidding. Sort of. Ok fine, he’s cute all the time, but he certainly gave me a run for my money this morning. I’m glad to see he’s feeling better!

12822785_10102936307703110_840180273_o (1)


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