The Chickens are trying to get in!


This is a typical scene looking out my back window during the day. Chickens.


“I hearby declare this meeting of the chickens has come to order!”

They’re pretty fun. But now, THEY WANT IN. (Que Jaws music.)


I’m sorry chickens, but you can’t come in!

So I’m out in the garden weeding and my son comes out to ask me a question (he probably wanted a snack) and the chickens, of course, follow him back to the house. Five minutes later I hear him SCREAMING, “Mommy, HELP! The CHICKENS!!!” So I run back to the house to see what’s going on. Well, according to him, he left the back door open when he went inside to get his snack, and, well…


The chickens came in. 😐 Good grief!

PS. They also want to go for a drive…



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