The Chickens… They have escaped

We did say in the beginning that we would NOT name the chickens. Chickens are not pets, they are farm animals. Farm animals serve a purpose, eggs, milk, meat, etc. and we will not love our farm animals like our pets. However… The chickens have turned out to be really social creatures! Whenever someone goes out the back door, they all run down to the back corner of the pen, as close as they can get to us. (They’re looking for treats of course). And now… THEY HAVE ESCAPED! Three of them have anyway. First it was one. She found a way out of the pen, and every day when we let them out of the coop, she runs down and hops out. So, we’ve named her Dora. Because, you know, she’s an explorer.

dora I watch too many children’s shows…

So, once Dora was out, well, two other smarty pants chickens followed her. But, it’s actually kind of cool having chickens loose around the property all the time! Like I said, they’re very social, they come to any person who goes outside. They peck A LOT (it’s what they do) but it doesn’t hurt or anything, since they have no teeth, and they just generally like to be a part of the frivolity going on about the farm.


I think I’m being followed…

Sometimes, they’re super annoying. Like when you try to sit down and relax and they jump on the chair beside you and won’t. stop. pecking. you.


But most of the time they’re pretty cool. They keep my company in the garden while I work.


Now that we’re more comfortable with each other, they’re really easy to catch and pick up.

I call this one Floppy, since she has a huge flopped over waddle comb thingy (technical term for it) on her head. But don’t worry, I’m not naming the chickens, that’s just… descriptive. You know, helps me tell them apart… or something like that…


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