Today is a PA Day here (no school for the kiddos) and while I LOVE having my babies home with me for the day, you have to admit that kids home in the winter can be challenging. Especially when yesterday was a Snow Day so this is their second day home and stuck indoors.

Lots of board games and dress up yesterday..

My BFF Megan and I have been watching Brooklyn NineNine on Netflix and LOVING it. She got this idea from the “Boyle Bingo” game on the show, and adapted it to Mom Life, and then sent me the challenge: Mom’s Life Bingo.

You can play too! Make yourself a BINGO board and fill all the spaces in with the most annoying things your kids are likely to do in a day. (Megan and her husband also have Bedtime Bingo boards, which is both an awesome idea and adorable that they play together).

Cuppa tea and four Bingo spaces marked off by 9am!

You have to try this game- to quote the wise Megan, “it makes bad things fun!” Like this morning, when Grace spilled her cheerios all over the floor, and I said, “Woot! Something spilled! I’ve got that Bingo space!” See? Making bad things fun.

Megan also adds rewards for herself. So if she gets a full BINGO card by: 9am- Sunday off for Mom; Noon- Night Off; 2pm- Dad cooks dinner; 6pm- Pop and Chips. Great idea!!

I went ahead and made you a free printable version, which you can print out, email to your friends, and all play together. It’s generic, so you may want to tweak it to your own kids, but you don’t have to. Have fun!

Mom Bingo



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