Winter Peace & Pancakes

I didn’t really have any inspiration for a blog post this morning. That was, until I stepped outside.

Winter Peace (2)

Well, technically, the third time I stepped outside. The first two times were before it was light out, taking the new puppy out to do his business, and it was snowy and dark. The only thing that inspires me to do is go back to bed.

Sam in the Snow (3)

Ain’t he cute?

But when I took the kids down to the bus, I was blown away. It’s so so beautiful out on the farm today! About 2″ of light, fluffy snow has fallen, and it’s utter stillness out there. You know the type of snowfall I’m talking about? Everything is covered. Everything is so very still, so very peaceful. It feels insulating, even though it’s cold out. It feels cozy somehow. It’s so quiet, with no sound to break the silence save the crunching of my boots.

Winter Peace (15)

After I got the kids on the bus I came back to the house for my camera and then took the puppy on a big walk around to take a zillion pictures. I seriously wish I was a better photographer, so I could really capture the beauty out there, but alas, I’m just a hobbyist. 😉

Winter Peace (4)Winter Peace (5)

One thing these cozy winter days makes me feel like, is PANCAKES. Why? I don’t know, but whenever it’s cold and snowy I always want pancakes.

I don’t have a huge post for today, and I’m not trying to sell you anything, but I thought, since I’m making pancakes, I might as well share my fave pancake tool EVER- The Pancake Pen!

Pancakes 1

I got my pancake pen in the Regal catalogue, many moons ago. I have seen them in there from time to time, usually in the spring catalogue. If you’re interested in Regal (and you’re in Canada) you can check out my regal page, and maybe you’ll find one. 😉

I’ve recently seen this re-branded as a cupcake pen, and it definitely works as that too, I’ve tried it, but I love it for pancakes most of all.

Pancakes 2

With the pen, you get really nice perfect circle pancakes. But that’s boring- I use it to make the kids their fun shapes!

Grace wanted a kitty. Gavin wanted a “warrior with a long sword”. Done and done. Made to order pancakes for the munchkins!

I’m no artist (clearly) but even I can make a pretty decent kitty-cat with the pancake pen. I am Mommy, hero of breakfast!


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