Our New Farm Life

In November 2015 my husband and I decided to make a huge change. Actually, I guess the actual decision came much, much earlier, but we officially moved in November. We used to live in Suburbia.

Suburban Aerial

I know, I know, lots of people LOVE suburbia. We did too when we first moved there. We had babies and the convenience of paved walk ways, nearby schools, grocery stores, banks, libraries, etc, and a close community of neighbours was appealing. That was short lived though. See, both my husband and I grew up in a small town. I was “that girl” that was in love with horses. Horses were my life and I spent every moment I could at the barn. I even worked there full time in the summers all through highschool. So it wasn’t long before the “conveniences” started to feel suffocating to me. That nice paved walkway through the neighbourhood was just more asphalt I couldn’t stand. The proximity of amenities seemed less essential as the kids got older. And the close community of neighbours became downright claustrophobic. We longed to get out of there and back to the country, small town life we grew up with.

Spring on the Farm (62)

So, after a lot of hard work (my husband worked two jobs for over a year to enable him to leave the main one and move full time into the new one, that would give us freedom of movement) and lots of planning, discussing, and spread-sheeting the bejeebus out of our income and budget, we took the plunge. We bought ourselves a 50 acre farm about half an hour outside of the city. And now, here we are. We’ve never farmed before. This is all new to us and we’re learning as we go.


My Facebook followers keep saying I should write a blog, and I think even just for my own documentation of what we’ve done and how far we’ve come, it’s a great idea. So on top of having no idea what I’m doing here on the farm, I’m going to add in writing, which I’ve never done before.

Walk in the Woods (2)

If you’ve ever thought about abandoning the city life and searching for greener pastures, follow along with us as we embark on this exciting journey. Live and learn with us, and create your own piece of paradise.

This is our new farm life.




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